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German Chancellor Fellowship: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

The German Chancellor Fellowship Programme hosted by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is a fellowship for prospective leaders from the People’s Republic of China, Brazil, the Russian Federation, South Africa, India, and the USA. The candidate is expected to have an international outlook and initial leadership experience. This fellowship program is meant to provide the prospect of spending a year in Germany exploring novel solutions to the global issues of these times and improving their networks. Furthermore, this fellowship allows the candidate to implement a self-chosen project that supports their career development, is societally relevant, and has a lasting public impact. Up to 50 German Chancellor Fellowships are awarded at the moment.

About the fellowship:
During their visit to Germany, the selected Fellows will follow self-developed, research-based tasks that are societally pertinent and have the potential for long-term, publicly visible impact. The fellows are mentored by hosts in Germany who are selected by the candidates themselves and has the basic level of expertise to mentor the respective topics. Their projects allow the fellows to advance their careers by increasing their specialist knowledge, attaining new international understanding, and strengthening their intercultural skills in Germany to develop into successful global leaders.

Fellowship value: 

  • Fellowships are awarded to the fellows for twelve months. 
  • Fellowship grant: 2,000 EUR- 2,600 EUR per month (the amount depends on the applicant’s qualifications and professional experience)
  • Mobility allowance 
  • Contribution to health and liability insurance
  • Single-time payment for the fellow’s travel expenses (if a third party does not bear the costs);
  • Family allowances for additional family members staying at least three months 
  • The single parents are granted flat-rate allowances for the kids (aged under 18 years for stays of at least three months) 
  • 500 EUR per month is granted as aid toward research costs 
  • Europe allowance for a stay at an institute in another European country (though not the fellow’s own country); for one to two months during the fellowship if necessary to ensure the success of the project;
  • Extensive alum sponsorship 


  • Applicant to hold Bachelor’s or equivalent academic degree completed no more than twelve years ago (the critical date for calculating these twelve years is 1 October following the application) with initial proven leadership experience. 
  • Applicants with a predominantly academic background should have acquired initial leadership experience in addition to their research activity;
  • English and German language skills;


  • Apply online and include the following documents:
  • Motivation letter
  • Project Plan
  • A detailed statement, including a confirmation of research facilities and mentoring agreement, from a host in Germany
  • 02 References (comment on the candidate’s professional, personal, and academic background).

Application deadline: 15 October every year

Quick Overview

Type: Grants
Location: Germany
Eligibility: Master's, Bachelor's
Other Info: Visit Website

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