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DAAD Research Grants; Doctoral Programs; Germany by the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst).

DAAD supports research grants to young foreign academics and scientists with an opportunity to carry out research and continue their education in Germany. In addition, this program aims to support doctoral projects in Germany.

Required / Eligibility:

  1. Candidates must be excellently qualified young academics and scientists who must hold a Master's degree or Diploma or, in exceptional cases, a Bachelor's degree.
  2. Candidates must not have graduated six (06) years before the deadline.
  3. If the Candidate is already working on a Ph.D. degree, it shouldn't have started longer than three (03) years previously.
  4. Candidates who have been staying in Germany for more than 15 months at the time of application will not be considered.
  5. Language skills: 
  • For arts, social sciences, and law: good knowledge of German is expected. 
  • For natural sciences & engineering: Proof of good English language skills may also be accepted if English is spoken at the host institute.

Scope of Program:

  1. Ph.D. programs at a state or state-recognized institution of higher education or non-university research institute.
  2. Individual projects under the mentorship of a university.
  3. Participation in a structured doctoral study program.
  4. Duration: maximum three years; can be extended up to four years.

Scholarship Value:

  1. 750 euros/month - for graduates; 
  2. 1,000 euros/month- for doctoral candidates
  3. health, accident, and personal liability insurance cover
  4. Travel allowance
  5. Research Allowance

Application Procedure: Application documents

  1. Online application form
  2. CV in tabular form (not more than three pages)
  3. List of publications (not more than ten pages)
  4. Research proposal and a description of previous research work (not more than ten pages)
  5. In the case of individual projects mentored by a university teacher (academic adviser): Need a letter confirming supervision by a university mentor in Germany.
  6. Plan of research work
  7. Structured doctoral study program: Need a letter of admission to a study program (subsequently submitted before the grant-supported research begins if it is not available at the time of application).
  8. Proof of existing contacts to the doctoral program coordinator in the form of copies of correspondence.

Quick Overview

Type: PhD
Organization: Germany : DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service
Location: Germany
Fellowship Amount: For graduates - € 861. For doctoral - €. 1,200
Eligibility: Masters
Other Info: Visit Website

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