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The Fulbright program, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, is intended for brilliant young and mid-career professionals from developing countries. The fellowship allows candidates to go to the United States for ten months for non-degree graduate study and related practical professional experiences.  

The program: 
The fellowship design meets the requirement of policymakers, planners, administrators, and managers in the government, public and private sectors, and non-governmental organizations, who have a public service commitment, demonstrated leadership potential, and commitment to their country's development.
The Humphrey fellows embark on master's level work directly related to their professional needs and fields of interest but do not result in the awarding of a degree. Instead, they are assigned in groups of 8-15 to the institution offering the most applicable program in their area of interest. These clusters are balanced geographically, enabling interaction among fellows from various countries. 

Study areas: 

  1. Agricultural and Rural Development
  2. Communications/Journalism
  3. Contagious and Infectious Diseases
  4. Economic Development
  5. Educational Administration, Planning, and Policy
  6. Finance and Banking
  7. Higher Education Administration
  8. HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention
  9. Human Resource Management
  10. International Religious Freedom
  11. Law and Human Rights
  12. Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change
  13. Public Health Policy and Management
  14. Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration
  15. Substance Abuse Education, Treatment, and Prevention
  16. The teaching of English as a Foreign Language (Teacher Training or Curriculum Development), Technology Policy, and Management
  17. Trafficking in Persons, Policy, and Prevention
  18. Urban and Regional Planning
  19. Teaching English as a Foreign Language: Qualified women and candidates from minority and disadvantaged groups are encouraged to apply.


  • The candidates must be young and mid-career professionals in leadership positions who commit to public service and the potential for professional advancement. 
  • The candidates should demonstrate the required experience, skills, and commitment while indicating how they can benefit from this program in ways they have not experienced previously and are not likely to participate without the Humphrey program.
  • The candidates to be proficient in both written and spoken English and will be required to take an Internet-based Test (iBT) of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
  • The candidate must have completed an equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree. 
  • Applicants must either have a four-year bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or a full-time postgraduate diploma if the bachelor's degree is less than four years.
  • The candidate must have at least five years of substantial professional experience (before August 2023) in the respective field and be eligible for leave.
  • The candidate should have demonstrated leadership qualities and a record of community public service.
  • The candidate must give the undertaking to return to India upon completing the fellowship.

Application Deadline: June 15


Quick Overview

Type: Short term courses
Organization: USA: United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF)
Location: United States
Fellowship Amount: Varies
Eligibility: PhD
Other Info: Visit Website

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