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McMaster University Scholarship:  Canada

McMaster University Scholarship:  Canada

McMaster University is a public research university. It is ranked 90th in the world and third highest in Canada.

Eligibility / Nationality: open to all nationalities
It has a long history of excellence in industry-driven research and student-focused education.
Level of study: Undergraduate
Scholarship Amount: $1,000,000
Number: More than eighty (80) scholarships per year are offered.
Disciplines / Subject Area: subjects provided by the university in the field of Engineering

Available Scholarship Programs

  1. A.G. Reilly Scholarship
  2. A.H. Atkinson Education Fund Scholarship
  3. Ashbaugh Scholarship
  4. BTech Entrance Scholarship
  5. Class of 1952 Mel Hawkrigg Honour Award
  6. Coca-Cola Scholarship
  7. Dalvi Family Research Experience Award
  8. Dean’s Excellence Entrance Scholarship
  9. DECA Alumni Entrance Scholarship
  10. DECA GRIT Tank Entrance Scholarship
  11. Dundas Scholarship
  12. Engineering Research Experience Award
  13. Faculty of Engineering Award of Excellence
  14. General Motors Entrance Scholarship
  15. George and Nora Elwin Scholarship
  16. John Hodgins Memorial Scholarship
  17. Joseph and Amy Ip Undergraduate Research Experience Award
  18. Joseph Ip Entrance Scholarship
  19. Lawrence Tse Research Experience Award
  20. Liburdi Engineering Scholarship
  21. McMaster Engineering Big Ideas Entrance Scholarship
  22. McMaster Engineering FIRST Alumni Entrance Scholarship
  23. Moulton College Entrance Scholarship
  24. Nellie P. Hogg Scholarship
  25. Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Entrance Scholarship
  26. Schulich Leader Scholarship
  27. SHAD Alumni Entrance Scholarship
  28. The NSBE McMaster Chapter Scholarship
  29. The Sonia Sennik Resilience Scholarship
  30. Yves and Cynthia Bled Canadian Future Achievers Award for Women in Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: 

A. The candidate must be an excellent student and an overall high achiever. 
B. The candidate should have an average score of 90% or higher.
C. The applicant must demonstrate leadership experience and attributes
D. Involvement in extra-curricular and volunteer activities in the community.

Required Documents: documents that are necessary for the application

A. Online application form
B. Academic transcripts
C. AP test results
D. SAT/ACT results
E.    If English is not the first language, the applicants must furnish the language requirements as specified.
Benefits of the scholarship:

A. The university offers over $1,000,000 in scholarships and research awards.
B. All Faculty of Engineering scholarship winner candidates are guaranteed a research position in the summer after the first year.
C. The Research Experience Award is currently valued at $6,000.
D. The university also provides hands-on teaching for students.

How to apply: Application can be made online. The application link is given at the end of the post.

Quick Overview

Type: Bachelors
Organization: Canada: McMaster University
Location: Canada
Fellowship Amount: $1,000,000
Eligibility: 12th
Other Info: Visit Website

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