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Call for expressions of interest for Researchers, scientists, contractual agents, and function group IV.

Organization: The Joint Research Centre (JRC) operates in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. 

JRC is the European Commission's (ECs) department accountable for creating and managing knowledge to support the EC's policies. JRC operates in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands, with 2000 international scholars and researchers. JRC seeks research fellows (associates) with sound scientific research experience and a willingness to work at the interface of knowledge, science, and policy.

Research Field/Areas: these fellowships are available in the following fields:

Agricultural Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Nanotechnology, Nanobiotechnology, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Oceanography, Marine Sciences, Engineering, Veterinary, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Sciences, Material Sciences, Social Sciences, Educational Sciences, Statistics, Economics, Political Sciences, Meteorology, Psychology, Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, Ecology, Forestry, Geology, Hydrological Sciences, Medical Sciences, Pharmacy.

Benefits of the Fellowships

  1. The candidate will be part of a stimulating multicultural environment
  2. Receive a competitive remuneration package. 
  3. JRC supports a diverse, inclusive, and accommodating working environment.

Selection Procedure 

The majority of fellows will work at the following JRC sites: 

  1. Institute for Reference Materials & Measurements (IRMM), Belgium
  2. Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU), Germany
  3. Institute for Energy & Transport (IET), the Netherlands
  4. Institute for Environment & Sustainability (IES), Italy 
  5. Institute for Health & Consumer Protection (IHCP), Italy 
  6. Institute for the Protection & Security of the Citizen (IPSC), Italy 
  7. Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), Spain 
  8. Policy Support Coordination Directorate (PSC), Belgium 
  9. Units attached to the Deputy Director-General/Ispra
  10. Ispra Site Management (ISM), Italy


  1. Citizen of EU Member States or from any Associated Country;
  2. Level of education equivalent to completed university studies/degrees of at least three (03) years corroborated by a diploma and a minimum of five years of professional experience.
  3. Background in one of the fields mentioned above OR a doctoral diploma in one of the mentioned fields.

Tasks/Expectations from the candidates

The selected research contract workforce will carry out their duties as research team members under the supervision of a senior scientist. 

The tasks may include dealing with matters relating to the following: 

  1. Laboratory work
  2. Modeling and simulation
  3. Software development
  4. Policy analysis 
  5. Design and implementation of scientific and technical research, experiments
  6. Ensuring the accessibility of state-of-the-art and updated scientific information and data supporting the European research program goals
  7. Providing an excellent scientific base to support policy-making
  8. Writing, publishing, and presenting scientific articles, reports, and papers at conferences.
  9. Support activities related to the management and follow-up of the results, dissemination, and application
  10. Supporting and monitoring all activities related to excellent manufacturing, laboratory, and clinical practices
  11. Participation in panels to evaluate research projects
  12. Maintain contacts with authorities (national and regional) dealing with research issues in the European Union (EU)
  13. Identifying experts and panel members in the relevant research field

Application Procedure

  1. Eligible candidates fulfilling this call's eligibility requirements can apply. 
  2. Applicants should apply online following the ESRA system instructions (link below). 
  3. Upon completing the online applications, candidates will receive an email confirmation number/code. This number verifies that the JRC has registered the candidature. 
  4. Aspirants must fill in the online application form in any language: English, French, or German. 
  5. Applicants should save the reference number for applications in the future.
  6. Applicants can update, withdraw and replace their application at any time.
  7. Applications will only remain valid until the closure of the current call, provided the application is kept up to date. 
  8. Applications should be updated at least every 12 months to remain effective. 
  9. Applications that are not updated will be disengaged without any warning and will be removed from the system after 18 months.

Quick Overview

Type: Research Associate
Organization: European Commission (EU)
Location: Germany
Fellowship Amount: As per EU norms
Eligibility: Citizen of EU Member States or from any Associated Country
Other Info: Visit Website

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