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Postdoctoral PhD Scientist Faculty Research Associate

International Travel Support (ITS): Science and Engineering Research Board, SERB, India

International Travel Support (ITS): Science and Engineering Research Board, SERB, India

The International Travel Support (ITS) program provides financial support for presenting an original research paper or chairing a session, or delivering a keynote address in any international scientific event (seminar/conference /symposium) held abroad.

Program Details

The program also provides support to young researchers (within Age<35 years on the date of the start of the event) for attending workshops, short-term training programs, and schools being organized outside of India.

Qualifications / Eligibility:

1.    Candidates should be Indian researchers engaged in R&D work in recognized academic institutions/laboratories within India.
2. Aspirants should have an invitation to present an original scientific research paper. 
3.    Invitation is also required in the case of young scientists attending training programs such as workshops, short-term courses, summer/winter schools, etc.
4.    The claimant should not have availed of any financial assistance under this Scheme during the last three (03) years.
5.    Scientific events should be international. 
6.    Invitation of personal nature, such as carrying out postdoc work, informal training programs, courses, internships, observer-ship, etc., is not eligible for support.

Document Requirement:

1.    Endorsement letter duly signed and stamped by the competent authority of the institute.
2.    A copy of the paper's abstract to be presented (be sure to include names of all the authors and affiliated institutions with complete addresses and the title of the abstract).
3.    A copy of the letter of acceptance of the presenting paper (oral/poster) by the event organizers.
4.    Biodata with a complete list of publications and Patents.

Financial Details:

1.    This program provides to and fro economic class airfare by the shortest route, airport tax, and visa fees for attending the specific event. 
2.    Registration fees are also provided to young scientists (Age<35 on the date of the event).
3.    The aid is provided on a reimbursement basis as per actual expenditure incurred by the candidate within the guidelines of the Scheme.

Application details:

1.    The scholars/applicants are required to apply online through the portal 60-90 days before the event's start date.
2.    Application submitted through any other mode will not be considered.
3.    The portal will not accept early or late submission of applications. The official link is given at the end of the post.

Quick Overview

Type: Postdoctoral , PhD , Scientist , Faculty , Research Associate
Organization: India: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
Location: India
Fellowship Amount: Travel Support + Other Benefits
Eligibility: Varies
Other Info: Visit Website

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