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Research council PhD studentships by the University of Exeter, UK 

Research council Ph.D. studentships by the University of Exeter, UK 

Program Details

There are seven (07) research councils in the UK that distribute government funding (grants and scholarships) for research and development. Research Councils UK govern them, and each one looks at a different area of study. They are:
A. Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
B. Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)
C. Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
D. Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)
E. Medical Research Council (MRC)
F. Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
G. Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

Fellowship Amount

1.    Full tuition fees and a generous living allowance of approximately £18,000 / year.
2. Ph.D. Students pay tuition fees (£4,000 to £5,000 per year approximately) generally as well as provide a generous living allowance (£13,000 to £14,000 per year, approximately). 

Fellowship Type

Scholarships can be of the following types: 
A. Open awards: thematic awards; and project awards. Awards given in humanities and social sciences are usually open or thematic. They are available to any pitch relevant to the specific funding council or can be tied to any particular research area within the funding council's reach, e.g., medical humanities.
B. Project-based: Awards given in the areas of sciences are usually project-based; rather than applying for funding to research your idea, the candidate essentially applies for a place working on a pre-defined research project.

Qualifications / Requirements 

There are two attributes to eligibility:
Home/EU students with exceptional academic records

Residential Criteria
A. A settled status in the UK
B. Stayed' ordinarily resident in the UK for three (03) years before the beginning of the scholarship program. 
C. Not residing in the UK wholly or for full-time education.

Academic criteria: 
A. Candidates should have a first or 2:1 honor's degree (or any other equivalent) in the relevant subject. 
B. Equivalence may be demonstrated by qualifications gained outside of the UK, an undergraduate degree with a relevant postgraduate study, or relevant experience in the chosen field.

Application Process: All Details are given in the link below.

Quick Overview

Type: PhD
Organization: UK: University of Exeter
Location: United Kingdom
Fellowship Amount: £18,000 / year
Eligibility: Masters
Other Info: Visit Website

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