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29 Mar 2021

Short term doctoral scholarships to work in USA Universities

Doctoral scholarships are available for Indian doctoral scholars to gain research experience from USA Universities and research centers for a period of 6 to 9 months.
Scholarships are available in the field of natural science, computer science, the Energy sector, health, mathematical science, social science, political science, and many more. 
How to apply
You need to approach the faculty members directly who can be your host, send them your research idea, and express your interest. Once you identified a host institute and host supervisor then you can start the application process. You need to arrange a letter of invitation from the host institute that letter is a must at the time of your application process.
Grant benefits
This scholarship will cover your monthly remuneration along with hospital benefits if arise due to sickness.  Air travel expenses and several other allowances to get settled there. 
Who can apply?

  1. Indian doctoral students who got registration on or before 2 Nov 2020 and having adequate research experience in the relevant proposed field.
  2. Applicant needs to arrange a letter of recommendation from the Indian supervisor. 
  3. You need to get NOC from the Indian Institute also in case you are employed using the given format available on the USIEF website. 
  4. You need to apply online to submit an application https://apply.iie.org/ffsp2022
  5. Carefully review and upload all the required documents. This call will close by 15 July 2021, 23:59:59 hrs (IST).

Quick Overview

Type: PhD
Organization: USA: United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF)
Location: United States
Email: dr@usief.org.in
Other Info: More Information

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