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Ramanujan Fellowship: SERB

SERB- Science and Engineering Research Board’s Ramanujan Fellowship is offered to outstanding Indian scientists and engineers from overseas to take up scientific research positions in India. In addition, the fellowship is meant for Indian scientists or engineers who want to return to India from abroad. The fellowship is scientist-specific and very selective. The selected Fellows could work in the country's scientific institutions and universities. They will receive consistent research grants through various funding schemes from the Science & Technology agencies of the Government of India.


  • Age limit: the fellow scientists and engineers from abroad must be below the age of 40 years.
  • The candidate must have obtained a Ph.D. or equivalent in Science/Engineering; a Master’s degree in Engineering/Technology; MD in Medicine, etc., and ample professional experience.
  • The fellowship is very selective, and candidates with a proven and brilliant track record, as apparent from their research publications and recognition, would be eligible.
  • Suppose the selected candidate gets any position (viz., permanent, tenure track, or contractual). In that case, the candidate shall not be eligible for the fellowship and must resign from the Ramanujan fellowship.
  • The fellowship is open to those scientists not holding any permanent or tenure track or contractual position in any Indian Institute/University.
  • The Nominee should be working overseas at the time of nomination.


Duration of the fellowship: five years and cannot be extended.

Fellowship value: 

  • Remuneration will be Rs. 1,35,000/- per month (including HRA).
  • Research grant: Rs.7.00 lakh per annum 
  • Overhead charges: Rs.60,000/- per annum

Additional information:

  • The scientists can select to work at any Science & Technology organization within the country, provided the Institution at which they wish to conduct research is keen to provide the necessary administrative and R&D essential infrastructural support to enable research. 
  • This fellow is expected to work in new areas and laboratories to increase their research competencies, other than the one where the candidate has attained the Ph.D. 
  • Nominations from the Doctorate guides of the candidate and nominations from the same institution they chose for their Ph.D. will not be considered.
  • It is recommended that the candidates should approach the Institutions of their choice to host them for the fellowship and forward their nominations to SERB for the fellowship.
  • Selection of Ramanujan Fellows will be made from time to time by an authorized Search- cum-Selection Committee specially selected for the purpose.


  • Register and apply Online 
  • The Fellowship nomination form includes Nominee Details, Qualification Details, and Nominator Details.
  • The nominee must upload the brief outline of the research proposal uploaded in a single PDF file (max. five pages).
  • Nomination Letter (On letterhead, duly signed and stamped)
  • CV of Nominee
  • Plagiarism undertaking 

The nominations are open throughout the year.

Quick Overview

Type: Scientist
Location: India
Eligibility: PhD
Other Info: Visit Website

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