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Ph.D. Student in Cement Environmental Chemistry at Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Switzerland

The Laboratory for Waste Management, Nuclear Energy and Safety Research Division at Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) seeks a Doctoral Student in Cement Environmental Chemistry. The project aims to decode formation pathways and chemical structures of FeII/III-hydrotalcite in Mg-cement and to determine their thermodynamic properties and redox behaviors.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Deciphering the chemical structures of synthesized FeII/III-hydrotalcite
  • Investigating the redox process between the FeIII- and FeII-hydrotalcite and exploring the possible redox reversibility between the FeII and FeIII sites
  • Elucidating the retention mechanisms of critical redox-sensitive toxic anions (AsO43– and CrO42−) by FeII/III-hydrotalcite
  • Contribute to side projects, support master thesis students, maintain laboratories, and improve security protocols in the laboratory.
  • Publication of results in journals or conferences


  • Applicant must have excellent qualifications with a university degree (Master's or equivalent) in Chemistry, Materials Science, or Physical Chemistry.
  • Applicant must demonstrate solid knowledge in materials science and heavy metal immobilization.
  • Applicants with experience with wet chemistry methods, solid characterizations, and molecular simulations would be advantageous during the selection process.
  • Applicant must have excellent communication skills (written and spoken) in English.

Apply via the online portal, including the addresses of referees.

Ref. code: index no. 4404-01

Last date of application: 27 May 2023

Quick Overview

Type: PhD
Location: Switzerland
Fellowship Amount: Varies
Eligibility: Master's
Other Info: Visit Website

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