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Bertram Scholarships (Governance Research) by CFGR, Canada   

The scholarship provided by Canadian Foundation for Governance Research (CFGR) will support the work of students who are conducting research into organizational governance as part of their Ph.D. research project.


For this scholarship program, the research project should focus on a topic related to organizational governance, for example:
•    Governance issues of interest to Canadian boards of public, private, government agency, and not-for-profit organizations.
•    The importance of effective boards in enabling good decision-making and improving the functioning of Canadian institutions.
•    Governance best practices through the Canadian perspective.
• Role of corporate governance in enabling positive social impacts.

Broad Research Areas/Topics

The following are some examples of relevant topics, although by no means an all-inclusive list:
1.    Board’s role during black swan events (pandemic, financial distress, etc.)

2.    Sustainability studies
3.    Diversity beyond gender
4.    Board’s role in public policy
5.    Cybersecurity/ IT governance/Data governance/Privacy
6.    Oversight of corporate culture
7.    Board understanding of political risk
8.    The board’s role in innovation

Qualifications / Eligibility Conditions

1.    Must be a student (full-time) registered at any Canadian university.
2.    Candidate must be a senior doctoral student undertaking studies that include significant original and independent research leading to the completion of a dissertation.
3.    The student must not have been previously awarded a Robert Bertram Doctoral Research Award or Bertram Scholarships.

Language Preference: Candidates are requested to submit proposals and required attachments in either English or French.

Application Submissions

Applications for the scholarships should be submitted electronically to (only electronic submissions will be accepted).

Documents Required

The following are the documents required for the complete application:

• Scholarship application form
• A one-page summary of your Ph.D. research project highlighting its applicability to the furtherance of good governance (Summary should specify the connection between the research theme and organizational management.
• A sample of your written academic work (does not necessarily need to be on a governance-related topic)
• A signed appraisal letter from the student’s doctoral advisor attesting to the overall quality of the student’s doctoral work (the letter may be submitted directly to CFGR by the doctoral advisor)
• One additional academic reference
• Updated Curriculum vitae (CV) detailing the academic history, publications, scholarships, and awards, teaching positions
• A short (approximately 100 words) biography and a short (approx. 100 words) research description
• A signed letter from an appropriate university official in your institution’s scholarships and awards department indicating their willingness to administer the scholarship on behalf of CFGR. 

Note: Applications for the scholarship will re-open in April 2023.

Quick Overview

Type: PhD
Organization: Canada: Canadian Foundation for Governance Research (CFGR)
Location: Canada
Fellowship Amount: Varies
Eligibility: Masters
Other Info: Visit Website

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