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TWAS-National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) & the BIOTEC (National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology), Thailand, are offering a postdoctoral program for early scientists from developing countries (Thailand natives/nationals are not eligible) who are keen to follow advanced biotechnology research. The postdoctoral researchers will work in biochemistry biosensors technology, biotechnology, molecular biology, microbiology, and immunology. The Host country is Thailand. The maximum age limit is 40, and the program duration is one year to two years. The language of instruction is English.

Research Fields:

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Structural, Cell, and Molecular Biology
  • Biological Systems and Organisms
  • Medical and Health Sciences incl. Neurosciences
  • Chemical Sciences

Fellowship value: the institute will provide a standard monthly allowance to cover living costs.


  1. Applicant must be a citizen of a developing country (other than Thailand).
  2. Applicant shouldn’t hold any temporary or permanent residency visa in Thailand or any developed country.
  3. Applicant must possess a Ph.D. in biochemistry/biosensors technology/biotechnology/ molecular biology/microbiology/immunology or related disciplines.
  4. Applicant must apply for the fellowship within 05 years of receiving a Doctoral degree in a field of the natural sciences as mentioned above.
  5. Regularly, applicants must work at a research/teaching institution in their native country, where they must hold a research project.
  6. Applicant must provide proof of expertise in English (if the medium of education is not English).
  7. Applicants must be responsible for their return to their native country on completion of the fellowship.
  8. Applicant must not take up other assignments/projects during the fellowship period.
  9. Applicant must be economically responsible for any accompanying family members.
  10. Applicant should provide an official Acceptance Letter from the institute. The request for acceptance is to be sent to the institute’s Research Support Division (e-mail, which will assist assignment of a host supervisor. In contacting the institute, applicants must supplement their request for an Acceptance Letter with a copy of their CV, a research proposal outline, a Ph.D. degree transcript, three recommendation letters, an abstract of the dissertation, and a statement of intent. 


  • Apply for the TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme via the online portal.

Quick Overview

Type: Postdoctoral
Location: Thailand
Fellowship Amount: Varies
Eligibility: PhD
Other Info: Visit Website

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