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PRIMA grants by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) offers the PRIMA grants meant for excellent women researchers showing high potential for a professorship. The selected candidate conducts an independent research project with their team at least at the group leader level within a Swiss research institution.

Benefits of the grant:

  • The grants take care of the salary and project cost for five years. 
  • Offer of a professorship 
  • If the scholar gets appointed as a professor in Switzerland during the funding period, the remaining amount of the grant will be moved to the new place of work as research funds.


  1. The contender must hold a Ph.D. degree or at least three years of research activity after acquiring their higher education degree (equivalent qualification to a doctorate).
  2. The contender must have at least two years of research experience after the Ph.D. or equivalent to a Ph.D.
  3. The contenders may submit their application between two and ten years after their Ph.D. defense or after the date of the corresponding qualification to a Ph.D.
  4. The Clinical scientist applicants must have a medical exam (state examination or equivalent) and have acquired at least three years of clinical work and at least two years of research activities after their medical exam. They may submit their application up to 14 years after their medical exam.

The applications are to be submitted via the mySNF platform (which is open for submission three months before the application deadline).


Quick Overview

Type: Postdoctoral
Organization: Switzerland: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)
Location: Switzerland
Fellowship Amount: As per EU norms
Eligibility: PhD
Other Info: Visit Website

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