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Postdoctoral Scientist

Postdoctoral Research Program (PRP): Government of Canada  

Postdoctoral Research Program (PRP): Government of Canada 

The Postdoctoral Research Program (PRP) scholarship is an international and horizontal program aiming to provide promising new researchers/scientists access to exceptional world-class facilities across Canada. It also extends an opportunity to work alongside multidisciplinary teams of expert scientists and technicians on projects of critical importance to Canada.

Scholarship Overview

When the candidate submits their application to this program, if the application meets the eligibility criteria, the candidature gets added to an inventory accessible by departments and agencies participating in the Postdoctoral Research Program can access.

As the positions are open in one of the participating departments or agencies, scholars meeting the advertised qualification requirement identified in the PRP selection criteria will be contacted to initiate the hiring process. The hiring organization will provide the candidates with a complete copy of the conditions for evaluating your application.

Hiring Departments and Agencies

1.    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
2.    Canadian Grain Commission
3.    Environment and Climate Change Canada
4.    Health Canada 
5.    Natural Resources Canada
6.    Fisheries and Oceans Canada
7.    Public Health Agency of Canada

Selection process

SE-RES Scientific Research

Scientific Researchers (SE-RES) salary levels are incumbent-based. Therefore, the level of the open position will be determined by the qualifications/accomplishments/experiences of the successful candidate. 

Fellowship: For researchers at the beginning of their careers, starting salaries usually range between $55,870 and $86,853. 

Employment Type: Temporary employment (Term – determinate)

Duration: Variable 

Security Clearances: Reliability or Secret security clearance depending on the vacancy.


1. Conduct research that improves theories and techniques through innovation or modification of concepts, ideas, approaches, and novel solutions.
2. Selected candidates should Plan, organize, conduct, and control research projects and fieldwork.
3. Conceive, conduct, and report on research and development projects and fieldwork under guidance.
4. Candidates should be responsible for decisions affecting their research, data integrity, and analysis.
5. The selected candidate should be able to write and publish papers and reports documenting and interpreting research results.
6.    Contribute to expert-reviewed research publications.
7.    Represent own research in meetings/events and discuss research outcomes. Attend workshops and conferences and present paper(s) on own research.

Selection Criteria


1. Candidates must have a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) within the last three (3) years from a recognized institution in the field of natural sciences with a specialization and thesis subject related to the position's duties.
2. Candidates can apply to the PRP if they are enrolled in a doctoral program. However, you must have completed your degree to be appointed to a position.
3. Note: Special consideration might be given to applicants who could not apply during the three years due to a significant career interruption or delay.
4. Who can apply: Canadians and non-Canadians. In addition, preferences will be given to veterans and Canadian citizens.

Required Experience

  1. Team management: Experience working with a team of researchers and support staff.
  2. Experience in planning and conducting research.
  3. Productivity/Recognition: Refers to recognized achievement in the form of authorship and editorship of published or unpublished reports, books, papers, peer-reviewed scientific journals, or other communications resulting from:

a) Research, experimental development, or tasking associated with operational equipment and problems.

b) Active research and scientific analysis.

4. Planning, analysis, and evaluation of Canadian and foreign programs in research and development. 

5. Developmental work leads to the issue of patents, copyrights, or the creation of improved varieties, functions, or designs, and recognition by the professional community of the research environment.

6. Additional experience requirements may be added based on the position.

Other Key Competencies:

  1. Adaptability
  2. Judgment
  3. Initiative
  4. Interactive Communication
  5. Teamwork

Conditions of Employment & Operational Requirements

The successful candidates should meet and maintain applicable Conditions of Employment throughout their employment. Conditions of work and Operational Requirements may vary depending on the open position.
Contact information: 

Quick Overview

Type: Postdoctoral , Scientist
Organization: Canada: Natural Resources Canada
Location: Canada
Fellowship Amount: $55,870 - $86,853
Eligibility: PhD
Other Info: Visit Website

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