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Prestigious Ivy League Universities: Higher studies in the USA 

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Do you dream of being a part of Ivy-league institutes in the USA?

Do you dream of being a part of Ivy-league institutes in the USA? Do you wish to have the opportunity to go for higher studies in the USA but shy away from even considering applying to such universities? Well, do not shy away. 

The Ivy League (also famous as the Ancient Eight) is an American academic group comprising eight private research universities in the United States (North-eastern). The term Ivy League is characteristically used to refer to the eight schools as a group of elite colleges with connotations of academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social exclusiveness. The Ivy League was instituted in 1954 to foster interschool athletics and consists of eight top-tier institutes in the northeastern United States. The eight members (university) of the Ivy League include the following: 

University Name  Founded   Acceptance Rate
Brown University    1764    5.5%
Columbia University     1754   3.7%
Cornell University       1865  8.7%
Dartmouth College       1769  6.2%
Harvard University    1636   3.2%
University of Pennsylvania      1740   4.7%
Princeton University        1746  4%
Yale University    1701    4.4%

Ivy League universities are viewed as some of the most prestigious universities in the world and are highly competitive. Therefore, these universities seek talent and creative minds. These universities offer some unique scholarships/funding to brilliant students. These fundings help students from any background to study and fulfill their dreams. 

Standardized tests:

First, to be able to apply for the colleges/universities in the USA, the student must consider taking the standardized tests, viz., ACT or SAT.

ACT (American College Testing): It is a standardized test required by students looking for admission to undergraduate schools in the US and Canada. The ACT exam is developed to evaluate the student's written, mathematical, verbal, and scientific skills.

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test): The SAT is a standardized test organized by the College Board, and students applying for admission to undergraduate courses must take it. This test is recognized globally for college admissions. The College Board administers these tests, which 11th or 12th standard students can undertake, some even earlier, in the 10th.

Scope of Scholarships

After having the scores comes the actual struggle of finances which is the big decision-maker for a student from any developing country or with a disadvantaged background. All Us universities provide scholarship opportunities to domestic as well as international students. Moreover, the US institutes offer additional funding, besides regular scholarships, for international students with compromised backgrounds. These are need-based and need-blind scholarships. 

Need-based scholarships:

The need-based scholarships are awarded to candidates who belong to weaker (financially) sections. These kinds of scholarships are granted to candidates to allow them to complete their education despite not being able to meet the monetary requirements. 

Need-blind admission:

One more form of financial assistance particularly distinctive to the US is associated with "need-blind admission." This means an institution has an official policy of not considering applicants' financial resources when deciding whether to offer them a place.

Few regular scholarships for international students are Fulbright Scholarships, Stanford University Scholarships, Yale University Scholarships, University of New Haven Scholarship, University of Minnesota Fellowship, AAUW International Fellowship Program, ACI Foundation Scholarship, Onsi Sawiris Scholarship.

While applying for Ivy-league colleges, one must have good academic scores and a plethora of extra-curricular activities and be able to answer some questions (in the form of essays) posed by different ivy-leagues.

No dream is big or small. Perseverance is the key. Start with ample information in hand and get started towards a bright future.

All the best!

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