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Career Opportunities in the world of Sports

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The importance of sports can be gauged from the fact that now sports are an integral part of the school curriculum. Sports activities help shape personality and teach patience and respect towards opponents to win with humility and defeat gracefully. Sports build discipline that not only makes character but also reveals it. 

India's position in the fascinating world of sports has significantly improved in the last decade and still has a long way to go. The Hard work and persistence of our sportspersons, backed by the efforts of the government and private sector. Nevertheless, we are still away from becoming a sporting nation. The right thing is that our young generation is greatly inclined towards sports and fitness, which bodes well for India's future in world sports. The importance of sports can be gauged from the fact that now sports are an integral part of the school curriculum. Sports activities help shape personality and teach patience and respect towards opponents to win with humility and defeat gracefully. Sports build discipline that not only makes character but also reveals it. 

Institutional efforts for the promotion of sports

The promotion of sports requires support from all corners. Sports Authority of India (SAI) is a whole body deployed to develop and promote sports culture in the country. It accommodates budding talents in sports belonging to different age groups and locations for participating in the national and International levels. Its regional centers are Bengaluru, Bhopal, Gandhinagar, and Kolkata.

Job opportunities in the field of sports

For sportspersons, there is a five percent reservation in vacancies in government and public sector undertakings. These opportunities are exclusive for players with solid credentials and achievements. However, there are many options that candidates, who are passionate about sports and willing to make a career, can explore.

  1. Athlete/Sportsperson: A sportsperson is a professional who plays any game, from athletics to cricket, basketball, football, etc. Players compete in individual or team competitions. These trained professionals work hard to keep fit and participate in sports with the sportsman. The skills that a sports person requires are- discipline, hard work, focus, determination, and physical stamina. Students can make a beginning by joining their school/institute team and growing with improved performance. Your prospects will improve by joining the Sports Authority of India or other organizations' training programs and working hard. 
  2. Sports Teacher: This is the simplest career option related to sports. Physical education and sports are taught as a discipline in educational schools and universities. Most educational organizations appoint physical education teachers and support staff. There are various qualifications (Diploma/Bachelor/Master in Physical Education) that rank a person eligible to apply for the position of a sports teacher. Sports universities/colleges and many other universities. The primary duties of a sports teacher involve training students in various sports and organizing sports events, fitness sessions, tournaments, etc.
  3. Sports Coach/Trainer: A sports coach or trainer provides training and guidance to players in a particular sport. Accomplished players often talk about the role of their coaches in their achievements and express gratitude towards their coaches. A coach dedicates their time to bringing up the potential of their scholar (player) and sincerely tries to make the scholar(s) the best player) in the field.
  4. Sports Management: Sports is a big business with large-scale events managed worldwide. Management has numerous disciplines that involve planning, supervising, and organizing different domestic and international sporting events. Management also deals with all sports clubs, athletes, sportspersons, business-related matters, venues, and events. A career in management sports is possible with a Bachelor's or Master's degree and a background in management. Pursuing a sports management course gives better credentials to candidates. The potential candidates should look for a career in sports media, sports marketing, sports apparel, event management, celebrity endorsement, etc. 
  5. Sports and Fitness Nutritionist: A sportsperson needs to be and have the proper nutrition to perform well during the practice sessions and actual performances. A sports and fitness nutritionist is a specialist who advises athletes on dietetics and nutrition. The Nutritionist is concerned with sportsperson nutrition, exercise, and health. These professionals need in-depth knowledge of nutrients, sports performance in various areas, and the medical history of the candidates. 
  6. Umpire/Referee: Every game has its rules and way of playing, and an expert must oversee that these are followed meticulously. A referee or an umpire is an expert who keeps a close eye on a match and passes instructions and judgment to the players as and when required. They need to know the game well and be fair, clear communicators, and assertive to do well n the role of an umpire/referee. Moreover, an ex-player is more likely to perform the job of an umpire or referee.
  7. Sports Physiotherapists: Tiredness and injuries are very common in sports. A sports physiotherapy professional helps athletes overcome fatigue and prevent injuries. By assessing particular individualistic cases, a physiotherapist professional creates a treatment or recovery strategy/plan and provides treatment accordingly. The expense of a physiotherapy professional lies in providing instant treatment and long-term medication/exercise. A sports physiotherapist controls the athlete's body plans through treatment, massages, physical activity, and other relevant activities.
  8. Sports Commentator: All big tournaments and events are followed by many sports enthusiasts who often follow their favorite sports over radio and satellite channels. Those who provide professional analysis of sports matches and give live updates on TV and radio are called commentators. Commentators may or may not have been game players, but they are indeed game experts. 
  9. Sports Journalist: Every prominent newspaper has pages for reporting sports events. Moreover, exclusive magazines are devoted to sports and sports channels on television. Sports journalists are the individuals who write sports events in newspapers and magazines. These individuals should have a severe interest in sports and a passion for unbiased reporting. Sometimes a sports journalist is solely responsible for covering one professional sports team. In contrast, they are sometimes required to produce stories on various local, university, and professional groups and events. The primary duty of a sports journalist is interviewing and profiling athletes, while some may focus on game/tournament h highlights and results. A sports journalist career may also see a transition into a public relations role at a university or in a professional team, which could involve marketing, advertising, and communication skills and journalistic abilities. 

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