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Postdoctoral Research Associate

Eight (08) TIES Fellowship positions: University of Turku

The University of Turku is a top-notch multidisciplinary university offering exciting challenges and a unique vantage point for national and international education and research.

Program: Turku Intersectoral Excellence Scheme (TIES), Maria Skłodowska Curie-actions (MSCA) COFUND program, University of Turku, and European Union's. Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) is located within the University's Turku. It is a research collegium supporting the bottom-up development of excellent early and mid-career stage scholars through three (03) years of financial support, enabling them to carry out self-designed research projects. These positions will be located at one of the campuses at the University of Turku, and successful contestants are required to be residents of Finland.

Fellowships: TIAS is inviting applications for up to eight (8) Fellowship positions (Senior Researcher) for three years starting from 1 September 2023. Candidates are selected through an international call for applications

Research Areas: TIAS is welcoming applications from projects based in any field within its five fundamental faculties (Humanities, Economics, Education, Law, and Social Sciences). The selection of successful candidates will be based on academic excellence.


TIES has been established to improve TIAS' provisions by offering a unique opportunity for excellent scholars/researchers to embark on a three-year research project that must directly concern at least one non-higher education sector organization of the candidate's choice. Candidate should fulfill these requirements:

  1. Applicants must have completed their doctoral degree. 
  2. Candidates should have gained their doctoral degree in a maximum of eight (8) years. 
  3. Candidates should have attained other academic achievements. 
  4. Applicants must meet the MSCA mobility regulations, i.e., the candidate should not have resided or carried out their main activity ( work, research, studies, etc.) in Finland.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The primary task of TIES Fellows will be as follows:

  1. To carry out an excellent research project over a three-year duration, during which the project results should be disseminated in many ways. 
  2. To undertake their research project.
  3. A selected TIES Fellow is also required to contribute to TIAS's interdisciplinary intellectual life. 
  4. Should also attend regular TIAS meetings and events

Fellowships details: The salaries of TIES Fellows are defined by the university salary system for research and teaching personnel. The payment for the selected fellow corresponds to a requirement level 6 and the pre-estimated performance percentage of 17 % at the start of occupation (current gross wage of 4153 € per month) and is subject to increase yearly.

Application Procedure

  1. Applicants should state the importance of their work and how it supplements existing work at the University, identifying the department and relevant areas of the department's research interests aligning with their own in their motivation letter. 
  2. Applicants should outline why they want to be part of the TIES program. 
  3. Candidate should briefly outline any non-research-oriented training needs (transferable skills) and how they propose to address these during the fellowship. 
  4. The potential candidate should also establish how their work relates to the research and education strategy profiles of the University.
  5. Selected candidates are requested to demonstrate engagement in international academic networks and deliver evidence of their competence to work in a research environment of high international standards. 
  6. All applications meeting the TIES program's eligibility requirements will be sent for external review. 
  7. TIES Selection Committee makes final decisions on successful applications based on external evaluations.
  8. An information session for candidates will be held online on Wednesday, 7 December 2022, between 14.00 and 16.00 EET. The TIAS Director will introduce the Call, explain the applications and reviews process and answer questions. A recording/Powerpoint slide of this will be placed online. Please sign up for the information session to get the online meeting link.
  9. Further questions about the TIES program may also be addressed to

Instructions and guidance for applicants

Deadline: The closing date for completed applications is 9 January 2023. Applications (including attachments) must be submitted via the University electronic application form (link given below).

The University is a trustworthy employer and educator and follows The Equality Plan of the University Board approved the University of Turku. 

Please see the TIAS website for more information on TIAS and the TIES program.

Candidates are expected to abide by the University policies on equal opportunities and open science.

Note: The European Commission (EU) has awarded the University the right to use the HR Excellence in Research logo. The logo is a token of the University's commitment to researchers' continuous development and working conditions according to the guidelines outlined in the European Charter for Researchers.

Quick Overview

Type: Postdoctoral , Research Associate
Location: Finland
Fellowship Amount: 4153 € per month
Eligibility: PhD
Other Info: Visit Website

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