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Faculty Technical positions Staff Engineer

Union Public Service Commission: Administrative and Technical Positions

Union Public Service Commission: Administrative and Technical Positions

Indicative Advertisement No. 10/2023

Online Recruitment Applications (ORA) are invited for Direct Recruitment by selection through the website (link given below) to the following posts from 27th May 2023 to, 29-06-2023- 03-07-2023.

Reference         Name of the Post

23065301403    Joint Secretary (Banking, Insurance & Pension)
23065302403    Joint Secretary (Digital Economy, FinTech, and Cyber Security)
23065303403    Joint Secretary (Adolescent and Reproductive Health)
23065304403    Director/Deputy Secretary (Information Technology)
23065305403    Director/Deputy Secretary (Cyber Security)
23065306403    Director/Deputy Secretary (Digital Economy and FinTech)
23065307403    Director/Deputy Secretary(Economist)
23065308403    Director/Deputy Secretary(Adolescent Health)
23065309403    Director/Deputy Secretary(Urban Health)
23065310403    Director/Deputy Secretary (Energy Markets)
23065311403    Director/Deputy Secretary (Storage Technologies)
23065312403    Director/Deputy Secretary (Rural Livelihood)
23065313403    Director/Deputy Secretary (AI/ML)
23065314403    Director/Deputy Secretary (Application Development)
23065315403    Director/Deputy Secretary (Database Design)
23065316403    Director/Deputy Secretary (Frontend web design)
23065317403    Director/Deputy Secretary (Linux-based server manager)
23061101110    Specialist Grade III (Microbiology or Bacteriology)    
23061102110    Specialist Grade III (Pathology)    
23061103110    Assistant Surgeon/Medical Officer    
23061104610    Senior Assistant Controller of Mines    
23061105110    Assistant Professor/Lecturer (Anatomy)    
23061106110    Assistant Professor/Lecturer (Community Medicine)    
23061107110    Assistant Professor/Lecturer (Forensic Medicine & Toxicology)    
23061108110    Assistant Professor/Lecturer(Gynaecology & Obstetrics)    
23061109110    Assistant Professor/ Lecturer (Homoeopathic Materia Medica)    
23061110110    Assistant Professor/ Lecturer (Homoeopathic Pharmacy)    
23061111110    Assistant Professor/ Lecturer (Organon of medicine)    
23061112110    Assistant Professor/Lecturer (Practice of Medicine)    
23061113110    Assistant Professor/Lecturer (Physiology including Biochemistry)    
23061114110    Assistant Professor/Lecturer (Pathology & Microbiology)    
23061115110    Assistant Professor/ Lecturer (Repertory)    
23061116110    Assistant Professor/Lecturer (Surgery)    

Application Procedure

The crucial date for determining the age limit shall be the closing date for submission of the online application.

Important Date

The closing Date for Submission of the Online Recruitment Application (ORA) Through the ORA Website is 23:59 HRS from 29-06-2023 to 03-07-2023.

Candidates willing to apply for the above posts are advised to visit Commission's ORA Website (link below). The detailed advertisement along with 'Instructions and Additional Information to Candidates for Recruitment by Selection' has been displayed on Commission's Website as well as on the Online Recruitment Application (ORA) website.

Quick Overview

Type: Faculty , Technical positions , Staff , Engineer
Location: India
Eligibility: As per Government regulations
More Info: Visit Website

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