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Faculty Positions: Banda University of Agriculture and Technology

Faculty Positions: Banda University of Agriculture and Technology
Advertisement No. 02/2023

Applications along with the prescribed application fee are invited for the following teaching posts at Banda University of Agriculture & Technology, Banda. The detailed advertisement, eligibility, instructions, and procedure to fill application for the above advertisement can be seen in the vacancy circular on the University website:

Name of the post

A- College of Agriculture

A1. Assistant Professor (Entomology)
A2. Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology)
A3. Associate Professor (Agricultural Economics)
A4. Associate Professor (Genetics and Plant Breeding)
A5. Associate Professor (Plant Pathology)

B- College of Horticulture

B1. Professor (Floriculture and Landscape Architecture)
B2. Professor (Post Harvest Technology)

C- College of Forestry

C1. Assistant Professor (Forest Biology and Tree Improvement)
C2. Assistant Professor (Wildlife Sciences)
C3. Associate Professor (Forest Biology and Tree Improvement)
C4. Associate Professor (Forest Product Utilization)
C5. Associate Professor (Natural Resource Management/ Forest Resource Management)
C6. Professor (Silviculture and Agroforestry)
C7. Professor (Forest Product Utilization)
C8. Professor (Plant Biotechnology)

D- College of Community Science

D1. Assistant Professor (Human Development and Family Studies)
D2. Associate Professor (Food Science and Nutrition)
D3. Professor (Home Science Extension Education and Communication Management)

E-College of Veterinary Science

E1. Assistant Professor (Veterinary Anatomy)
E2. Assistant Professor (Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry)
E3. Assistant Professor (Veterinary Microbiology)
E4. Assistant Professor (Veterinary Pathology)
E5. Assistant Professor (Animal Genetics and Breeding)
E6. Assistant Professor (Animal Nutrition)
E7. Associate Professor (Livestock Production Management)
E8. Associate Professor (Veterinary Microbiology)
E9. Associate Professor (Veterinary Pathology)
E10. Associate Professor (Animal Genetics and Breeding)
E11. Associate Professor (Animal Nutrition)
E12. Professor (Veterinary Anatomy)
E13. Professor (Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry)

Total Post – 37


Designation                  Pay Scale
Assistant Professor        At academic level 10 with rationalized entry pay of Rs. 57,700/-
Associate Professor       At the academic level 13Awith rationalized entry pay of Rs. 1, 31,400/-
Professor                       At academic level 14 with rationalized entry pay of Rs. 1, 44,200/-

Postal address:
Director, Administration & Monitoring,
Banda University of Agriculture & Technology, Banda- 210001, Uttar Pradesh, India 
Director, Administration & Monitoring

Closing Date: 19.05.2023 (5.00 PM) 

Quick Overview

Type: Faculty
Location: India
Eligibility: PhD with Experience
More Info: Visit Website

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