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Which of the following statements is false about cones?
I.The daylight (photopic) vision and colour vision are function of cones
II.In human eye, there are three types of cones having characteristic photopigments that respond to red, green and BTuellight
III.The sensations of different colours are produced by various combination of these 3 types of cones
IV.When these 3 types of cones are stimulated equally, a sensation of white light is produced.

By Radhika Viswas on 18 Apr 24.
  1. Only lV

  2. Only I and IV

  3. Only III

  4. None

  • This question has appeared in NEET - National Eligibility cum Entrance Test .
  • This question is included in 12th Standard .
  • This question is included in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) , UP Board .

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