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By Radhika Viswas on 06 Aug 22

Hormones produce their effect on target tissue by binding to specific ...A... called hormone receptors located in the
target tissues only. ...B... soluble hormones usually need ...C... receptor that generate ...D ...messengers for regulating cellular metabolism. ...E... soluble hormones can pass through cell membrane and bind to ...F...receptors, mostly ...G... receptors. The hormone receptor complex enter the ...H... and mostly regulate gene expression or chromosome function by interaction of hormone-receptor complex with the ...I...

  1. A-Protein, B-Water, C-Membrane-bound, D-Second, E-Lipid, F-intracellular, G-Nuclear, H-Nucleus, I-Genome

  2. A-Lipid, B-Water, C-Membrane-bound, D-Second, E-Water, F-intracellular, G-Nuclear, H-Nucleus, I-Genome

  3. A-Protein, B-Water, C-Intracellular, D-Second, E-Lipid, F-Extracellular, G-Nuclear, H-Nucleus, I-Genome

  4. A-Protein, B-Water, C-Membrane-bound, D-Primary, E-Lipid, F-intracellular, G-Nuclear, H-Nucleus, I-Genome

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