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By Radhika Viswas on 06 Aug 22

Go through the following points -
I.Regulate the development, maturation and functions of epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle, prostrate gland, urethra, etc.
II.Stimulate muscular growth of facial and axillary hairs, aggressiveness, low pitch of voice, etc.
III.Stimulates spermatogenesis
IV.Act on CNS and sexual behaviour (libido)
V.Produce anabolic (synthetic) effect on protein and carbohydrate metabolism
VI.The Leydig's cell / interstitial cells (present in intertubular space) secrete this hormone under the influence of LH
Above points are associated with — hormones

  1. FSH

  2. Progesterone

  3. Androgens (e.g. Testosterone)

  4. Melatonin

Answer :
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