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The UGC NET Exam in Geography is organised by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on behalf of the University Grants Commission in India. The exam is conducted to determine candidates' eligibility for the Assistant Professor post and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in Indian universities and colleges.
The exam comprises of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 is a general paper that includes questions on teaching and research aptitude, reasoning ability, and general awareness. Paper 2 is a subject-specific paper that includes questions related to geography.
The syllabus for the geography paper includes topics such as physical geography, human geography, economic geography, regional geography, and environmental geography. Therefore, candidates are expected to understand the concepts and principles related to these topics.
To prepare for the UGC NET Exam in Geography, candidates should start by familiarizing themselves with the syllabus and exam pattern. They can also refer to study materials such as textbooks, journals, and online resources to deepen their knowledge of the subject. Practicing previous year's question papers and mock tests can help candidates understand the exam format and develop their time-management skills.
It is also important for candidates to stay up to date with current events and developments in the field of geography, as the exam may include questions on recent trends and issues.

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